Buddy, steady, go! English Lyrics By Takuma Terashima (Ultraman Taiga OP)

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Ultraman Taiga Opening Eng Lyrics (Buddy, steady, go! - Takuma Terashima)

Doesn't matter if somebody out there's laughing at you..
Keep believing, hold on to your faith and break on through..

When you meet somebody and you start making a connection heart to heart
That's the start of our winning story....
Don't chicken out, get moving action
It's boiling up, our burning passion
An unlimited power combination

Beyond the walls towering above us
If we can all join hands and go from here...
There's not a thing to fear....

Get set, go! Taiga!
To a galaxy where your answer's waiting for you, let's
Go! x2 Buddy Go!
Let's take off right in this moment

Ultraman Taiga!
I gotta be much bigger than who i am now
We won't lose the fight

From yesterday nad today to tomorrow too
We're gonna make it through, cause everyone's a fighter....
Ultraman Taiga....

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