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One Step Closer Lyrics (Fruits Basket 2019 Ending 2) - INTERSECTION

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Fruits Basket 2019 Ending 2 Lyrics - One Step Closer by INTERSECTION

Kimi wa ima nani wo kangaeteru..
Say the truth..
Sabishii saa de namida ga afurenaide hoshi..

Nani te nai..
Hibi wo kurutta boku ra
Tsurai toki...
Kokoro wo hitotsu ni
Nakanaide sono kimochi...
Uketomerarenai kara
Kimi no michi ayumebai...
Kimi no jinsei dakara

Habataite furieranai de..
Cause there is no turn the way/no time to waste (not sure)
And i need you to know...

Haaa.... haaa.... x2


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