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Isekai Cheat Magician Opening Lyrics - PANTA RHEI by MYTH & ROID

One, only that which you feel
One, only that which you see

Crashing to the ground...
Everything is crumbling down..
Without warning..
All that we know ...
Ariamaru hodo kasanatta shikisai mo
Hagare ochi kieteku frame dake
Utsuro ni nokoru

Where does the truth lie for us..
Shouchou wo ushinatte mayoi
Hajimeru taishuu yo

Trust in everything that you believe
Living in this chaotic new world
Ima me wo sumasu

Trust in yourself not what they believe
Gensou no kai no saki e...
Saa souzen to noizu hibiku sanaka wo...

Open up your eyes.
Keep it up
All doubts will fade out
Open up x2

One, only that which you feel
One, only that which you see
One, only that which you feel

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