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sky & blue Lyrics (Black Clover Opening 8) - GIRLFRIEND

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Black Clover Opening 8 Lyrics - sky & blue by GIRLFRIEND

Wow wow wow... x4

Nannen saki datte katatte
Shinjitai kara ima waratte
Ai wo ai wo ai/i know i know i (not sure)
Tashika na yakusoku ga hoshikute..

Tanoshiku narisou na hou e..
Issho ni hashitte go ne
Itsunomanika kimi no senaka tooku kanjiteru..
Aoi sora ni shatsu ga yureru...
Mirai sky & blue..
Hitamuki ni cry & find
Dakara matte matte matte matte
Oite ikanaideite yo..

Ima sugu fly away..
Tatakau try again
Dakara matte matte matte
Onaji basho ni itai yo...

Kasanari itai itai mune no itami ga
Kimi ni hanashitai boku no kimochi ga
Hontou no koto ne maybe find light..

Wow wow wow... x4

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