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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cloudy Day Lyrics (Actors: Songs Connection Insert Song Episode 1)

Actors: Songs Connection Insert Song Episode 1 Lyrics - Cloudy Day

Kyou ga owatte iku..
Itsu no mani ka
Kokoro ga oite ikare soo..
Cloudy Day...

Akiramete ita..
Tsumuida kotoba mo..
Sora ni kiete iku nda
Dou sure ba ii no...
Boku no koe wo..
Uta ni nosetai nda..
Itsu ka kitto
Kanau hazu darou..

Shining Through The Clouds
Doko made mo tsuzuite iku..
Yume no kakera
Hiroiatsumete iku..

Kodoku sae mo..
Kibou ni kaete ii nda..
Sasayaku koe ga
Boku wo michibiita kara

Tsugi e no ippo wo..
Tsuyoku fumidashite iku
Monogatari no hajimari..

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