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Dark Crow Lyrics (Vinland Saga Opening 2) - MAN WITH A MISSION

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Vinland Saga Opening 2 Lyrics - Dark Crow by MAN WITH A MISSION

Mezashi aruita yozora no mukoude wa
Tada ichiwa no karasu ga
Sekasu you ni sakenda

Tooku mukashi no kioku de wa
Tada no dokuro no kage ga waratta
Kao wo mite sou saratta yo...
So i just bleed and feel the blood i have inside me
Holding to the creative way to slay things
Carry on the oath until my last scene
Higher than the sky and deeper than the sea

Keep your ferocious beasts to yourself
But use it till the dawn become a power flood
I believe the choice of voices that judge me
The one and the only way i can hear or see

Anyone x2
I will test you now
Enemies, what i feel now, i fell your world
Inside out, change me out
End the one who makes my fire let go..

Kizu mo kako mo kodoku sae mo
Nigiritsubushitara aragau
Keep your ground, i'll take you down
End the one who makes my fire let go..

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