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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Drown Lyrics (Vinland Saga Ending 2) - milet

Vinland Saga Ending 2 Lyrics - Drown by milet

Feel like I'm almost there, well I'm not
Otome nai kaze ni tadayo bones
Kirei dekinai koi no wo/Togirete kienai koe no oto (not sure)
Nani mo shirenai mama modorenai deshou...

Onaji iro no mei ni utsu..
Chigau iro no iki no waku
You're gonna make me go..
You're gonna make me drown
Ushinau mono wa mou nani mo nai
You're gonna make me go
You're gonna make me drown
No, I don't want it x3
Don't let me go... (Don't let me go)
You're gonna make me drown (Don't let me drown)

Ashiba mo nai kotae mae e mukau...
You're gonna make me go
You're gonna make me drown
No, I don’t want it x3
But I know no one's there

I will stay right here
Hazama nado tei

lyrics credit: Antonina 0.0 (comment) @ https://youtu.be/iXjvemy6H9w
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