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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Magical Babyrinth Lyrics (Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Opening) - DA PUMP

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Opening Lyrics - Magical Babyrinth by DA PUMP

Yeah! we're just getting started!
Mairimatte pump it up!

Yeah! Babibabibabibabibabibabibabibabiru!.. x2

Shigeki taarinai (Hey..)
Saa iccho paari nai (Hey..)
Donna gyakkyou mo baribari werukamu..
Ikimashi paradise (Hey..)
Kaeteke paradigm..
Mezameru jibun ni baribari bibiru ze..

C'mon! x2
Oo mai ga!
Motemakuringu yokkyuu ga rock you!
What's up?
Ah maimaimairu ze oh my girl...

Kono yo wa aiyaiya..
Paarii taimu aiyaiya..

Maka fushigi na (hey..)
Babirinsu sa (Hey..)
Mabushii ze mairimasu..

Yeah! Babibabibabibabibabibabibabibabiru!
Check it out! babiru~ yeah saa iccho pari naito!
Yeah! Babibabibabibabibabibabibabibabiru!..
Aiyaiya maka fushigi na babirinsu!

Yeah! Babibabibabibabibabibabibabibabiru!..
C'mon! c'mon over the world!
Maimaimairu ze oh my girl

Yeah! Babibabibabibabibabibabibabibabiru!..
Mairidashitara tomaranai
Don't stop! here go! here go! yo! paarii

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