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Nanatsu no Taizai Season 3: Kamigami no Gekirin Opening Eng Lyrics (ROB THE FRONTIER - UVERworld)

The landscape accelerates in the blink of an eye...
I expected you to be ready in the face of danger..
Thinking about nostalgic loneliness..
The time that could not be satisfied is full
Now, i just want to take you to the vanguard in..
This new horizon
No more...
Boring scenes, noises are heard behind the fog

I found it, check this (Aahh..)

Between 0 and 1, start moving
Gathering scattered feelings
Without a doubt, pressing higher
Without a dead end, an eternal anthem

Full of scars or not, survive..
I walk living now
The time changed, the coin spin

Without a dead end, an eternal anthem

lyrics credit + Sub Español + lyrics on screen/recommend subscribe: Shizue 「 AMV s 」@youtube
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