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Sangenshoku English Lyrics By PELICAN FANCLUB (Dr. Stone OP 2)

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Dr. Stone Opening 2 Eng Lyrics (Sangenshoku - PELICAN FANCLUB)

Why is the color you can see in the sky blue
Will my memory burn yellow
The Blue days are like a burning discovery

The silence of the memory is born with a yellow voice
Made by mixing blue and yellow
Green on flowers, water on flowers, is a dream for me
Being zero, accept it now, the pattern of red blood flowing...
Make lines, break shells, and see flowers bloom

Connecting formulas, holding a pen, to recover life
For the rules that are not visible now...
We are looking for the same..

Who can turn a pure beginning into an impulse
Life force spreads in three primary colors

Scrapping the era of blank paper, it was built and watching it
Turn black, still accumulating, where is the next era

If tomorrow there is a color for us, we will draw it with visible colors..

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