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Monday, October 21, 2019

unlasting Lyrics (SAO: Alicization 2 - War of Underworld Ending) - LiSA

SAO: Alicization Season 2: War of Underworld Ending Lyrics - unlasting by LiSA

Hitorikiri demo
Heiki to koboreochita...

Futari no mabushi
Sugita hi ga
Konna ni kanashii..
Hitori de ikirareru nara..
Dareka aishitari shinai kara....

Anata no kaori...
Anata no hanashi kara
Ima mo karadajuu ni
Ai no kakera ga nokotteru yo..

Watashi no negai..
Watashi no negai wa tada
Douka anata mo
Dokoka de...
Naiteimasu you ni....

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