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Beastars Opening Lyrics - Wild Side by ALI

Mass ni awaseta lifesstyle muri demo rakusurya furi Freedom ouka
Furitsufuki tobasu skill kore chigau last minute
Merci, aurevoir
Pride wa jama suru mousho
Donc vas-y jete ca
Subete try shikonpai,
Fue ni sukuware halftime
Kept walking on the wild side..
I don't wanna fall asleep throughout my life
Sometimes in a buffalo style
Sometimes like a rock'n roll mind

Climax yumemi all in
Ozzu mienai blurred
Kimochi tobitatsu boeing
Issunsaki wa sa

It is a wonderful my life..
Please could you kiss my name?
When the music's over...
Turn off light
It was a such a sweet time
Could you pray for me, my friend?
It's starting over time...

Taking over the night
Taking over blue time
If you heard that screaming shout in your mind..

Taking over the shine
Taking over the shooting star
All i was talking about was music...
And that's called jazz..

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