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Game Over Lyrics (No Guns Life Ending) - DATS

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No Guns Life Ending Lyrics - Game Over by DATS

Tell me the rules tsukareteshimattayo
Sell me the fool juu yori wa darou
Say i'm a fool demo akiramerarenai nee, soudarou

Saitekina jinsei
Dare ga kimetanoyo
Owari ni shitaikedo
Ichi ninja dou shiyou monai
Sonna jibun no
Fugaina sa sae mo..
Ai oshii to omoerukai..

Omae ga sekai wo... (omae ga sekai wo..)
Nozokikomu toki ni... (nozoki komu toki ni..)
Dareka mo omae wo... (dare ka mo omae wo..)

Hajimari wa Game Over itsu datte sousa..
Don't believe, just don't believe it anymore
So damn the world and then shoot your gun...
Omae dake no riaru wo tsukami tore, saa

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