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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Precious Person Lyrics (Never Twice OST Part 1) - Im Hee Bin

Never Twice OST Part 1 Lyrics - Precious Person by Im Hee Bin

Useobwa joheun iri saenggil geot gatha..
Margeun haneuldo bureooneun baramdo
Seolleineun geol..

Neol bomyeon babocheoreom utge doeneun na.. huhuuu..
Gidaryeowattdeon sarang hamkke haejwoseo gamsahae
Sojunghan saram...
Ajigeun alsu eobtneun iyagido.. huhuuu..
Geudae isseumyeon himi saenggineun naldeul
Gatchi sonjabgo georeoboneun geoya
Naege geudaeneun sojunghan saram...

Gwaenchanha eonjedeunji gidaedo joha..
Gieok hae jullae geudae gyeoteseo
Eonjena jikhyeojul naran geol..

Naege gijeogi ireonan geot gatha
Nuneul gamado geudae saenggakmaneuro gadeukhae
Sojunghan saram...

repeat *

Eojjeoda uri jichideorado
Seoroui soneul maju jaba jugettni
Han georeumsshik georeoboneun geoya saranghae...
Geudae nae sojunghan saram..

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