UP-DATE x PLEASE!!! Lyrics (Val x Love Ending) - Yumi Uchiyama, Kaede Hondo & Maki Kawase

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Val x Love Ending Lyrics - UP-DATE x PLEASE!!! ver 1.7.8 by Yumi Uchiyama, Kaede Hondo & Maki Kawase

Up date date
Please x2
Heart x3
Please x2

Koi wo shiranakuha you and i
Hajimaranai no yo...

Nai tansu atama okanai..
We want tocheer your heart
Amari kotoba mo include
Zenzen imi ga nai kedo
Daijiten todoketeyo
Sensei ga nai darou..

Koi to ittekurenai mo

Ai ni yukou..
Motto keiken shinrei peruan

Date x3
Please x2
Heart x3
Please x2

Oshite ageruwa
Koi wa otome no hou wa..

Chunchu hug kitto moumou love bus
Tokimeku mune
Dance dance

Akumademo shine on my kiss for you
Kaeteshimau you na..
Kiss for me
Koi wo hajimemashou..

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