Mister Fixer English Lyrics By Sou (ID:INVADED OP)

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ID:INVADED Opening Eng Lyrics (Mister Fixer - Sou)

Are you also a hypocrite tonight?
Whatever the justice, you can do it..
The hiding place never ends. Where am i?
Wounded and voiceless, i smiled and got rid of my pain
Looking at that shady ceiling without any brightness
Stretching my palm...
I realize that it is a gap that cannot be toyched forever..

I still want to keep looking at those irreversible crystals that seem out of a dream
Such a small phenomenon
He condemns me to be disintegrated for the distubance of my indentity...

Who you are?
Who i am?
Tell me
Don't fool me

Repentant, the world begins to shake
I start to fall, unable to sustain myself
I hear a voice asking me are you alive?
Will everything be a product of my nightmare "Mr. Fixer"..

I am a boy full of defects like everyone else
Dancing in the crazy search line
The hiding place never ends. Where am i?

Do not let
I finished
I broke the corrent answer.. "Forgive me"

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