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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Nevermind English Lyrics By flumpool (Ahiru no Sora OP 2)

Ahiru no Sora Opening 2 Eng Lyrics (Nevermind - flumpool)

Always turn your dreams back to the mirror
I want to face you straight forward
I want to face myself because i can't do it "Never-mind..."

Aohoo... (Aohoo...)
I have a dream to separate by assembly work..
(Having orientation or not? is it out of the question?)
A true intention that disappeared without a voice
(I don't even sigh)
I know i won't end up blaming others...

I stood in front of me now..
My heart shouts, "i want to cross it"
Anyone can find the reason why

Beyond the run, "i finally met myself"
The were graffitis engraved on the wall and it said "Never-mind"
Now, let's bounce to tomorrow....

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