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ID: Invaded Ending Lyrics - Other Side by MIYAVI

See you on the other side once,
It's decided moment of life

Tokai no zattou wo
Kakikesu noize
Mimi fusagu fuudo wo
Fukaku kaburu choice
Mou mayowanai x2
Uh oh.. eh yo

People talk too much
But I just shut it up
Ore ni wa kankeinai
I can see you lie
It's all black and white

So I close my eyes..
Going off the edge
To the other side..

A way out way out
To the other side
Diving deep into the night
Hane hiroge
Way out way out
Leave it all behind..

I'll see you on the other side (side..)

Hoka ni michi wa nai...
Ore ni wa kore shikanai
Mou modoranai
On the other side..

I'll see you on the other side

repeat *

lyrics credit + full lyric: idinvaded.fandom.com
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