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POSSIBLE Lyrics (Mugyutto! Black Clover Opening) - Clover×Clover

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Mugyutto! Black Clover Opening Lyrics - POSSIBLE by Clover×Clover

It's possible

Yeah! Come on!

Kurahari wo break away
Ibasho nara koko de wanai
Dare ga nani itatte
Me janai aim high
Abaredasu BPM
Kodou ga takanatte sa kasoku shite iku!

Tatoeba donna mirai ga matte iyou tomo
Shinji tsuzukeru it's possible
(Wow oh x4)

Nande muri tte iikireru no
Zero na wake nai it's possible
(Wow oh x4)
Dekiru hazu da

Saigo ni warau yatsu wa ore dakara
I'll never ever let it go...

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