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Healin' Good Precure Touch!!! English Lyrics By Rie Kitagawa (Healin' Good Precure OP)

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Healin' Good Precure Opening Eng Lyrics (Healin' Good Precure Touch!!! - Rie Kitagawa)

Healing good
I want to heal it with love..
With you, healing good precure...

Pretty cure! x2
Cure cure touch!!

Beyond the window there's a running heart in the spreading sky
Bathing in light as we laugh is the sense of life
Let's share our sparkling everydays
Those we'll help those precious to us..

Healing good..
When love and courage overlap,
It's the strongest...

Healing good..
This encounter is fate..
You can feel it, right? our today
It's overflowing with life...

repeat *

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