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Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Ending 3 Lyrics - Tell me by milet

If you need me i'm here,
I've been waiting for you
Shimitsuita koe ga
Mada omoidaseru to..

Itsuwarenai yo..
Machigaeta to shitemo
Kurikaeshite shimau you mata..
Kotaete namida imi wo please now
Tojikoemtai kara...

So just tell me now...
Just tell me now...
Why are crying now...
Nido to wa modorenai seore demo

Just tell me now...
Please tell me now...
And trust me now.. (I need you now)
Doko ni mo ikenai sore demo

Just tell me now...
Please tell me now...
I need you here right now...
Koresou na hana hitorikiri demo

I'm dreaming about you every night
When you're not by my side...
I need you, i need you right here..

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