SPARK AGAIN English Lyrics By Aimer (Fire Force Season 2 OP)

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Fire Force Season 2/Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou OP Eng Lyrics (SPARK-AGAIN - Aimer)

I have lost everything i had..
Even the fire that i left behind..
Don't release, I won't release, at all

This ambiguous tale..
Even in that6 world
I can't talk at all
So if can step out...
I would say "That's plain crazy"
But somehow i cauld handle it
I didn't know what to do
So i don't really know

But there's lots of dreams next to it..
If you are prepared for anything
The there's no more doubt inside our minds, right..

The sparks scatter, just cut it all
Until white or black can turn into ash!
If its a crown flying everywhere
I want it so bad, i want it so bad

Just cut winds, heading for you
Until it changes to 1 or 8 or 0!
If you continue to act like a joker
It's not the beginning of everything..

Ashes gone to waste
I'll show you waste to love..
I'll just Spark-Again...

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