Haikyuu!! 2020 Season 2 Ending Eng Lyrics (One Day by SPYAIR)

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One Day English Lyrics - SPYAIR (Haikyuu!! 2020 Season 2 Ending)

Surely some day..
The day will come when we understand
It's okay to be wrong
Don't stop thinking now...

The reality flies..
I wanted a dream..
The days i play are nice..
I am not afraid of anything
I am young fool but i am strong
My back is still sweaty,
I'm looking at yo...

I don't need a miracle..

We can reach anywhere..
One day we will fulfill our dreams
I have come so far
And it was not by coincidence

On the stage where it is done
I want to be standing at all times
I keep wishing strongly
Because you were there...

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