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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Toppakou Lyrics ( Haikyuu!! 2020 Season 2 Opening) - SUPER BEAVER

Haikyuu!!: To the Top Season 2 Opening Lyrics - Toppakou by SUPER BEAVER

Ima mo yamenai yamenai yamenai
Saite co keta temo
Wakatte iru kara...

Ima mo yamenai yamenai yamenai
Yamete shimaiba kana wanai kara...
Hito ma na ato.. 
Hachi wa enai ya
Kakori chiban witano shi koto...

Tari nai moto x2
Me fueteru darou...

Seisei doodoo.. 
Ima da ima mukiatte
Tanno suru yo genjitsu 
Sui mo amai mo zenbu..

Ifuu doodoo..
Sono te to ga shitaina..
Omoshiro sora..
Yoro kobeso rayona...

Ima wo yamenai..
Wachi ai tsukushi te wara wo..
Waratte a roze...

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