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Beastars 2nd Season OP Eng Lyrics (Kaibutsu by YOASOBI)

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Kaibutsu - YOASOBI English Lyrics (Beastars Season 2 Opening)

Ah! it's another defeat today in this wonderful world
The hoarse voice flutters about the city too
A fabricated entity that turns a blind eye.. 

I'm losing my mind
A sweet smell that makes me lightheaded
Pierces the inside of my nose; it awakens
My instincts, whose turn shall it be today..

What can be achieved in this world
Is there something i can do
If only to prevent tears 
From falling from your pitch black eyes

Ah! for the future i wish for,
Over and over again into eternity
I'll sink my fangs into the center of this mistaken ridden world
All because i want to see you smile

No longer will anyone be hurt
I'll become stronger and stronger
So i can be true to myself......

If only in order to protect you
I'll push forward and run
And overcome my hidden self..

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