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Black Clover Opening 13 Lyrics - Grandeur by Snow Man

We're gonna awakening for the brand new world..
We're gonna take you to the brand new world..
To the brand new world

We're gonna awakening for the brand new world..
Get your hand up, baby...
We're gonna take you to the brand new world..
The grandeur
Get it on get it on hajimeyou,
Nankoufuraku no reality..
Tachidomaru jikan wa nai sa hold on.. hold on

Now this time fight for liberty shinjitsu sae nomikomu joushiki we break
Gyakkyou no saki ni aru answer..
Oh yeah...

Kensou ni umoreta chiisana yume hands up..
Shout it x2, louder yes, do it x2, start it
Never give up
Genkai wo koete mo kasoku shiteiku spirit..

Wake up!
Let's go!
Believe in myself..

Shoudouteki ni tsukisusume don't be afraid
Dare yori mo takaku tobe take you to the sky..

Souzou koeta sekai wo kono te ni..
The grandeur
Souzou seyo itsuwari no nai jibun no michi
It's a "Grandeur"..

Hey ya...
Believe in myself..
Hey ya...
Believe in yourself..
Hey ya...


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