The Promised Neverland 2 ED Eng Lyrics (Mahou by Myuk)

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Mahou English Lyrics - Myuk (The Promised Neverland Season 2 Ending)

If you make a wish such longing..
The moon will cast our shadows
The night will surely disappear..
It will disappear as if by magic..
Our voices crosses the moon..
The wind pointed to the night..
In the blue world everyone sleeps like it's fairy tale..

You are in a light dream..
When you opened your closed eyelids..
You opened them much more than i thought
Like a very thin mist..

This voice will go further
Even if there are no answers, 
I will keep screaming
Because i don't want this history to end
Go beyond tonight..

By your side i don't need any words
Now i want to ensure our warmth..
Please, let's have a dream where we don't wake up
We always wish we never let go your hand....

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