Stand by Me Doraemon 2 OST Eng Lyrics (Niji by Masaki Suda)

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Niji English Lyrics - Masaki Suda (Stand by Me Doraemon 2 OST)

It's ok to cry
I've been saved by these simple words
Thank you so much
Even though i'm pathetic and also look clumsy..
Just thinking about you, tomorrow will shine
It's okay if the two of us stay like this
Let's finf the sunshine and play
When you watering the plants on the veranda of the house
There's a little rainbow under your feet, look...

I'll always be by your side,
So you be by my side
Let's give our all in order not to be separated
Our eyes are entahled tightly as if theu couldn't be untied
Because i won't let go of your hand that i holding tightly...

My mom's kindness and my dad's crybaby side
Are the same as ours, i love that future

It's okay not to dream big
It's okay to be yourself
When you lose your way and feel alone
Let's look back on those days.. ah...

I want you to leave to me half of your sad nights
And in the happy days i want to laugh with you to my heart's content
There really is no word to match it, uh....
Is that because i felt your warmth...

Since i always laugh about my family and friend
And even about myself, i can also cry about it
In the sky completely clear, something sparkled like a single drop
Is a substitute for the word "thank you"
That i've always been looking for

repeat *

I won't let go....

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