Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San OP Eng Lyrics (EASY LOVE by Sumire Uesaka)

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EASY LOVE English Lyrics - Sumire Uesaka (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San Opening)

Don't mess with.. (Easy!)
Easy easy everyday.. (Easy!)

It's not getting closer and closer
What kind of reaction isn't written..
I can't help but be worried about
The girl is awesome
Delusional desire, just a fantasy
Look, squeeze out...

You're cute because you want..
To beat me many times
Don't fight back..
Push through and win completely....

Because i like it, i want to ruin it
As much as i like
Easy love.. (easy love!)
Easy love (night date)
Only for you...

I don't know yet, the feeling..
Of waking up in the blue spring..
Easy love.. (easy love!)
Easy love (night date)
Easy love.. (easy love!)
Shape of love..

Don't be messed with.. (Easy!)
Don't be stubborn.. (Easy!)
Easy easy everyday.. (Easy!)
Let's make a noise...

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