To Your Eternity OP Eng Lyrics (PINK BLOOD by Hikaru Utada)

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PINK BLOOD English Lyrics - Hikaru Utada (To Your Eternity Opening)

Pink blood.... x3

What's pure is pure
Even if you don't show it to anyone
And i already know that

What's pure is pure
Even if you don't ask anyone about it
And i've already said that
As i walk to your room
So many tears fall to the floor
I can't stay a child any longer
Never knowing how much i'm worth

I won't be scared anymore
Of losing that thing to fill the hole in my heart
Because i realized
That i was the only one who could heal myself

Roll the dice and go forward that many squares
Even if there's no end to this road in sight
I won't be happy with any thrones to sit on
'Cause they're no good to me if they're not the seat i've chose myself

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