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Tokyo Revengers OP Eng Lyrics (Cry Baby by Official HiGE DANdism)

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Cry Baby English Lyrics - Official HiGE DANdism (Tokyo Revengers Opening)

Our collars were grabbed,
Kept receiving strong punches until we stagged
Curling up, lining up our shoulders
Seeing the rain falling according to the farecast,
You were grinning..
While saying such a lie "my wound will be perfectly clean"

You always can't even quarrel well, though..
Don't say any dull jokes my eyes becam moist as it was terribly boring

We kept shedding tears over and over with our bodies covered in blue bruises
Fighting against a rotten "bad ending" as trusting unstable hearts on each others...

I wonder why wounds that feel far comfortable than happiness are heavily echoing..
While clicking tongue over the wet clothes we laughed at each other seeing our swollen faces

Swearing a revenge in the downpouring night......

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