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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Shadows House ED Eng Lyrics (Nai Nai by ReoNa)

Nai Nai English Lyrics - ReoNa (Shadows House Ending)

Tu-tu-tu-tu x3
Tu haa (sigh)

All are just shadows without "i" dentity
Answers without love like a doll
With no my identity,
I am not exist. No, am i?
Ambiguous love, coloerless love
Just expect it as if that's not my issue
Thanks, i owe you, and who are you anyway?
Various answers come to me..

I remain to be nobody
I remain to be able to do nothing
Is it waste of time to live in that way? is it wrong..

I'm not here i'm not here i don't see anymore i don't see..
I'm sweeping away without seeing goodbye

I'm not happy i'm not sad i fell transparent..
I don't have enough faces to match..

(No) no (no) no
I want to stay here without it

Hah x3

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