So I'm a Spider, So What? ED 2 Eng Lyrics (Genjitsu Totsugeki Hierarchy by Aoi Yuuki)

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Genjitsu Totsugeki Hierarchy English Lyrics - Watashi/Kumoko [Aoi Yuuki] (So I'm a Spider, So What? Ending 2)

Shut up! shut up! the victory is already mine
Survival (gobble up!) of the fittest (consume!) be my nourishments!
"Again! x2" it's not very shitty game-like
Don't make light of your life, okay?
Wowowow, you fell for it!
I already know what a dumbass would do!
How does it fell to be toppled by a weakling? heyheyhey!
I'm really happy to see you lose! well then, let's dig in!

Absurd.. Unlucky.. And then so what!
I'm a seriously hardcore survivalist!......

Finally! just a bit more and i'll be done with you all
Thread control, poisen fang, foolproof strategy, serves you right
I had won! noone can stop me from now on
Even if i fail to reincarnate, i'm still alive..

Knock out! All right! The spider! Yeah!!
Knock out! Ok! The spider style!

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