Edens Zero OP Eng Lyrics (Eden through the rough by Takanori Nishikawa)

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Eden through the rough English Lyrics - Takanori Nishikawa (Edens Zero Opening)

All orders were destroyed,
What will be the meaning of that name..
(Having some meaning)
A spirit of curiosity began to awaken
In that mission that was entrusted to us
At some point in the beginning that star was born..
(Power of cybernetics)
Will be what will protect it

If you can still reach it...
Be brave, your heartbeat won't stop..
Wasn't that the trice to jump in
For that blue hope, let's give a battle cry...

Axis shaft has sunk
If you can take it and roam around
From the custer it seems that the spirit will sprout..
If you want to feel at home, you must follow the path of legend..
While goodness strengthens... (hit in the air sharp blow..)

You will give up Eden through the rough...

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