Record of Ragnarok OP Eng Lyrics (Kamigami by Maximum the Hormone)

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Kamigami English Lyrics - Maximum the Hormone (Record of Ragnarok/Shuumatsu no Valkyrie Opening)

Slay! slay! human slay!
Request to continue living

I will destroy the gods

They confiscate the duel for this mourning crowd
Rules and genomes will soon be ripped apart
People who never back down
Cries that make awaken the volcano
Warriors aspire and tremble to enter the tournament..
Come on human race..
We are condemned to disappear in defeat?
A race can fight fate?

Holy x4 A holy slaughter
666 a stinking justice

I feel more like a pig than a dog
History is a hoax and the underworld is a neighboring land
The einherjar union is led by a demigod
I don't need a wild round of refereeing decisions..

It's the chance to avenge ourselves for the fallen ashes
Are you not afraid..
The nirvana of the 13 sisters are like a sacred treasure..
Religious and bloody battlefield, is a heavenly punishment...
Good luck...

All knowing and almighty zeus regretted his decision
He had to dig through all those corpses
The big bag was a no guard arrangement..
People x3
with honor get back!

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