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0 (zero) Lyrics (Vanitas no Carte Ending) - LMYK

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Vanitas no Carte Ending Lyrics - 0 (zero) by LMYK

Hajimatta totan ni owari ga mieru
Kuzurete tokedasu Horizon mitai ni
Motto mou tooku ni yasashiku hibiku
Tameiki ga tateru sazanami mitai ni..

When I lose myself, I become you..
Ichi kara juu umidasu
Shigamitsuku beeru hazushite
Ashita no nafuda mo hodokareru yo...
Was it you i've been searching for
Spent my life alone and waited for
So tenderly and endlessly
You make me whole x2

Namida ni shizundeku
Sayounara no saki e to
Meguri meguru toki no naka
You make me whole x2

Was it you who I heard through the door
When I cried and had no place to go
Meguri meguru toki no naka
Mou hitori janai
Meguri aeta ude no naka
You make me whole
You made me whole

I lose myself x2
Mou hitori janai..

lyrics credit: you a mismatch (comment) @  アニプレックス YouTube チャンネル

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