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Boruto ED 17 Eng Lyrics (Who are you? by PELICAN FANCLUB)

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Who are you? English Lyrics - PELICAN FANCLUB (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ending 17)

Even if i become two..
I would not know that i am two...
We both lack the same
We can't support each other
We are falling..

My wounds increase
I just wish to feel relieved
From anxiety, more wounds arise
This the imagination of someone who jumped into the storm
Wish i could be there
But my thirstist desire accumulates

I lost sight of him in the storm,
Someone is imagining in this place
I have a map so i'm sure i'll find it again

Hold on to this place...

The end of the imaginary landscape was erased
Not knowing how to play, he was dragged into another dimension
It's okay if i can't come home

I jumped into the storm,
Now this place is my imagination

I'm here to see you,
Even if it's a dream...

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