Girlfriend, Girlfriend OP Eng Lyrics (Fuzaketenaize by Necry Talkie)

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Fuzaketenaize English Lyrics - Necry Talkie (Girlfriend, Girlfriend/Kanojo mo Kanojo Opening)

Stop being clumsy..
And pay attetion
Even if it is not i accept all of this
It's better to discuss it another moment.. (tara x2)

Dare to show me..
what originally had to chance
No matter how hard i try
It is not easy to make a decision
I am confused
Without knowing what to do
Tell me something that makes me blush
It is so exciting
Knowing it's a dance
Childish, insolent and selfish..

Ahhh i do not like it
Know that you only notice unpleasant things

No matter what happened
Makes me feel very good..

Stop being clumsy
And listen to me well
I shope i don't have to hit someone

It is an ideal that still you can note see..
I am not kidding

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