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Love Live! Superstar!! OP Eng Lyrics (START!! True dreams by Liella!)

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START!! True dreams English Lyrics - Liella! (Love Live! Superstar!! Opening)

True dreams can't be stopped, won't be stopped..
Our hearts are racing forward, right at this moment....

Before i knew it,
My love was in full bloom
I'll bring feeling to the world
That's what i decided, so i'll make it happen..
I wonder what we'll be able to achieve
At the dazzling bright sky
Let's look up
And sing at the top of our lungs...

Having something that we want to do
Brings joy to every single day
Don't you think so too...

Ah, i'm sure they're waiting for us
So many encounters, our very own start line..
Our dreams start interweaving with ine another

Now that we've realized what our true dreams are,
We can't be stopped
Our hearts are racing forward, right at this moment...
Our hearts race forth, with nothing to stop them...

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