The Detective Is Already Dead ED Eng Lyrics (Kodou by Nana Kagura)

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Kodou English Lyrics - Nana Kagura (The Detective Is Already Dead/Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. Ending)

When i opened my eyes,
She was there
Give me a new morning again..

The sound of the heart was so gentle
But it made me feel so sad that i almost cried...
There was a shout out.
"I want to meet someone"
Even if you don't even know the name or have seen the face before..

But i'm sure i heard that sound
But just running around aimlessly...

Although it may be good intentions that do not fit into the matter
But it's doing it for myself, not for anyone else..

The voice in his chest shouted to the place he was looking for..
Pink up the falling feelings and deliver them to them

Because you taught me the meaning of living..
So i started to think a bit that this world is not bad either...

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