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86 Season 2 OP Eng Lyrics (Kyoukaisen by amazarashi)

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Kyoukaisen English Lyrics - amazarashi (86 Eighty-Six Season 2 Opening)

What kind of scenery was reflected in their eyes...
How was the final blink of that star..
Taker, did it get wild now..
By the darkness of the night everyone has to have their light
No one knew it was an unpronounceable name...
But that made our sparks blaze a little bit

Even when my mouth was dry,
That was the key
To make sure we could laugh everyday..

Even if i'm left forgotten on the other side of the border..
My destiny won't end till i know it

Don't allow me to give in and forgive it..
I'll keep on going for the hearts of my former comrades

The meaning of my life was always inside me
For example,
Only you heard my voice..

And if that was the case,
I could light it up just a little bit
I felt like i could call "hope" to that feeling..

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