Muteking the Dancing Hero OP Eng Lyrics (Labyrinth by ORANGE RANGE)

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Labyrinth English Lyrics - ORANGE RANGE (Muteking the Dancing Hero Opening)

The maximum sized anticipation
Invincible, wonderful, alluring
Let's dance to the psychedelic feeling..

Shining revolution
With this hip beat, the world is an illusion
Heart keeps chaging
I want to peek what's beyond is throbbing
Charisma, you are
Showing off your dance to the beat
Your shining eyes beckon to the future
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on

It's mysterious
Hi ho, hi ho, anticipation
Say a weird hello with a rude rhyth

Invincible, wonderful, alluring
Psychedelic feeling, colorful

More than now, more than this
Get lost in this labyrinth..
Fantastic, unfathomable
We roll the dice with our own hands..

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