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Mechamato The Animated Series Theme Song Lyrics - Armored Hero Mechamato by Nil Cardoso

Armored Hero Mechamato!......

Imagine it! (Mechanize!)
Build it! (Mechanize!)
Make it real! (Mechanize! Mechamato!)

Feel the fire in your soul,
Gotta set the pace and take control
With the power to mechanize
Our ideas can materialize..
The sky is the limit
Together we'll reach it
Armored Hero

Set your hearts free...
The you will see..
Dreams can become reality....

Whoa.. Oh!

Nothing can stop us when we're together
We'll never give up we'll fight forever
Come on, let's go!..
Armored Hero, Mechamato!......

repeat *

Imagine it! (Mechanize!)
Build it! (Mechanize!)
Armored Hero Mechamato!......

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