Hadaka no Yuusha Lyrics (Ousama Ranking Opening 2) - Vaundy

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Ousama Ranking/Ranking of Kings Opening 2 Lyrics - Hadaka no Yuusha by Vaundy

Dare ka ga henna namida wo..
Nomikonde nomikondeiru

Chikara ga kono ura akui furi toite
Mimi wa kikoechainai   
Daga yuusha wa ima
Chikara wa iranai 
Mi ni makasete
Chiisana kono te wa ima..

Aishiteshimatta zenbu zenbu
Furikakatta noroi mo zenbu...
Mou aishiteshimatta omoi wo zenbu..
Mamoreru hodo no hikari wo...

Chikara ga tomonau akui furi toite
Mimi wa kikoechainai   
Daga yuusha wa ima

Chikara wa iranai   
Mi ni makashite
Kage wa semaru   
"omae wa nanda" to

translate/edit/modify by lirik.biz from あ。comment (kanji) @ アニプレックス YouTube チャンネル

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