My Dress-Up Darling OP Eng Lyrics (San San Days by Spira Spica)

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San San Days English Lyrics - Spira Spica (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru/My Dress-Up Darling Opening)

A brilliantly colored and importat thing..
I won't forget that day....

Horizon far away..
The sigh i dropped was swept away by the waves and disappeared..
He found the real intention that he covered
You pull your hand and start running slowly..

Burn you crumpled and laugh
Two shadows that bounce off the beach
The sounding footsteps echoes tomorrow

I went barefoot and will chase after you..
Splashed with my heart...
The swaying water surface is dyed brilliantly
This feeling that i meet for the first time...

Dream straight with its beautiful eyes
I want to laugh by your side..
Be myself!

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