One Piece OP 24 Eng Lyrics (PAINT by I Don't Like Mondays)

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PAINT English Lyrics - I Don't Like Mondays. (One Piece Opening 24)

Reach out your hand and cut through the wind
Draw your own map....

As we live our days just like the stormy seas
Even the values we had built up were about to fall apart..

Who knows if the compass is pointing in the right direction
No one knows for certain..
If you breathe deeply and close your eyes..
What energes is the path your soul reveals...

Reach out your hand,
Cut through the wind,
Kick away the darkness....

I do it for my own,
And you do yours, don't we
And i'm ready for it..

With the support of someone i can rely
Seize the future beyond your imagination....

repeat *

We'll go wherever we wanna go,
Tears and doubts in tow..
Let's paint it in our own colors...

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