Delicious Party Precure OP Eng Lyrics (Cheers! Delicious Party Precure by Machico)

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Cheers! Delicious Party♡Precure English Lyrics - Machico (Delicious Party♡Precure Opening)

Delicious! That takes a bite with a smile..
Make it really tasty...
Delicious party precure...

(Cure cure Precure)

A growlin' melody
Will make in a unison..
If you're feelin' hungry at non-stop, i can't wait for it..
It makes it happy to eat and it's warmth to make..
C'mon, let's "humbly receive" with those people we love with
The orchestra of happiness
Simmer, without issues (hey!)
Let's Party! (yeah!)
Let's gather around! and cheers!

Delicious! That takes a bite with a smile..
Which i want to share with all those feelings
When you get the touch in evert heart..

To make it stronger..
And make our "thank you" overlapped....
Make it really tasty..
Delicious party precure..

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