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Paper Sky Lyrics (Tokyo 24-ku Opening) - Survive Said The Prophet

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Tokyo 24-ku Opening Lyrics - Paper Sky by Survive Said The Prophet

Wake me up
Genjitsu made kimi wo egaite iku...
Take me out
Yume no naka de kimi ga yugande iku...
Tell me i'm not dreaming..
You never know what it's like to be young
Till we're older, if you're living the moment..
The pain we feel is a lesson we learn
Once we're broken but we're still playing games with our hearts

Risou ga risou to nantemo...
Fukanzen ga choudo ii
Miesou de mienakutemo...
Mezasu toko ga aru kara

We can learn to fly 
Tsubasa ga nakutemo bokura wa..
Sora wo miage itsuka soko e 
To negatte iku...

Risou ga risou to nantemo...
Miesou de mienakutemo...
Sora wo miage itsuka soko e
To negatte iku....

Tell me i'm not dreaming now

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