Shenmue the Animation OP Eng Lyrics (UNDEAD-NOID by Kashitarou Itou)

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UNDEAD-NOID English Lyrics - (Shenmue the Animation Opening)

Hesitating before the criminals
Rock 'n' roll, Thrown down the drain
Down your drink, and the world spins forever in your mind...

Searching for lucy in the sky..
It's a mix of dream and reality
In a crumbling room, a sound rings out...
If you're lacking something, follow the sound of clapping..

I've got to know, i've got to catch hold
Of the past and the future whirling away
Have you forgotten? you promised yourself
You were betrayed

No looking back, don't give up
Seeing you clinging on in desperation
They laugh at you and called you a fool
But you're my greatest hero!

Hey, you!
Are you really alive? 
Not dead?...

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