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3 Lyrics (ULTRAMAN Season 2 Opening) - NOILION: Netflix Anime

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ULTRAMAN Season 2 (Netflix Anime) Opening Lyrics - 3 by NOILION

Face confrontation, define now
Placed isolation, to fight out
Increase to seek out, survive, and
High rivals rise in sight..
Reflection exam to climb out
Team wisdom and multiply up
Excel conditions, get high up
Barriers starin' it's heavy to rise...

Uncanny plannin', walkin', somethin's sly...
Advance, embracin', trust it amplifies..
Intentions lead the fire ignitin' in you

Lift this fate, dimension insane
Just maintainin' lacks the truth..
Past all pain, we're disobeyin'
Forward, order, and on I glow..

Ignition: standin' by
Foundations drive inside
New place where all unites
"We are what I've been out to find"

Don't you lose the view, blind eye
Restriction fiction's a fine line
True world perception revolve wide
This path begins in one step

lyrics credit + full lyric: ultraseries.fandom.com
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